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Dining services cracking down on improper ID card use

Staff Writer

Published: Friday, March 1, 2013

Updated: Friday, March 1, 2013 13:03

Dining Hall

Amanda Mlikan/Black&Magenta

Margaret Webb of Thomas Hall swipes in sophomore Marla Conley during a dinner service.

  Although some students have gotten into the habit of using other people’s ID cards to get into the dining halls, this may be a decision that holds strong consequences. It is against policy in the dining halls for any student to utilize an ID card that does not belong to them.

  The dining hall employees who work at the door are told to match the face to card every time someone comes to the dining hall.

  “Our dining hall employees are trained to match the face to the card of the student that is swiping the card at the time of use,” said Campus Services Director Emily Hans.

  Muskingum University has always had a strict policy on people using other students ID cards to swipe in for a meal at the dining hall, or use dining dollars at either the Bait Shop or the Winn Café. Lately they have been cracking down even more than usual. They are checking every face to every card and not allowing other people swipe friends in with their unlimited meal plan,
  The only time when a student is permitted to swipe in another student is through the use of guest swipes. Each student is given only two guest swipes per semester.

  Previously, if you forgot your ID card in your dorm room and wanted to get something to eat at the Bait Shop or the Winn Café you could use the 10 digit number on the back of your ID card if you memorized it. As of lately The Winn Café and the Bait Shop both got emails from campus services informing them to not allow this to happen anymore.

  The reason they do not accept the 10 digit number on the back of your ID card anymore is because people were memorizing other students 10 digit number and using their dining dollars without the owner of the ID card knowing.

  “We mirror the policies of the university when students are using other students’ cards,” said Hans. “We usually confiscate the card and then we call campus police, turn the card in to campus police and tell them the name of the student who had the card.”

  The dining hall employees, the employees in the Bait Shop and the Winn Café are not supposed to take this action lightly. If you use another student’s ID card campus police will be informed that you tried to do this.

   “We compare it to having someone’s ATM or credit card because there is declining balance attached to the student ID like Muskie bucks or dining dollars,” said Hans. “We compare it to usage like that because you could potentially use someone else’s card to go and buy things at the Book Store, at [the] Bait Shop, or Winn Café without the card holders consent.”

  Before you swipe a card that does not belong to you just remember it isn’t taken as lightly as you think it is.

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